Brand Story

Expert in Muti-cultural Gourmet Foods 

With a rich history of cultural diversity, Hong Kong is a melting pot of different cuisines and flavors. At THE GRAND HK, we celebrate this diversity by exploring and experimenting with a variety of tastes and ingredients.

Our story begins in the heart of the city, where we were born and raised with a deep appreciation for Hong Kong's traditional food culture, while also being open to discovering new tastes from all over the world. We brought together a talented and diverse team of chefs from around the globe, each with a wealth of culinary knowledge and expertise, as well as a passion for pushing the boundaries of taste and flavor.

Together, we embarked on a journey to create a new kind of culinary experience in Hong Kong, one that would blend the best of local traditions with international influences. We experimented with new ingredients, techniques, and flavors, always striving to create food and pastries that would delight and surprise our guests.

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Our Mascot — "Bee"
The brand mascot of THE GRAND HK, the "Bee," represents our expertise in multicultural cuisine and our open-mindedness in exploring new flavors from around the world. It symbolizes our talented and collaborative team of chefs and the fusion of international culinary traditions with Hong Kong's unique cultural identity.
Our team
Hong Kong
Executive Chef
Eric Tin
Eric Tin is the Executive Chef of The Grand HK, in charge of The Grand Buffet (Hong Kong), Boutique by the Grand, and all projects related to menu innovation and quality control under The Grand HK.
Eric Tin was join Lisboa Food & Wines Limited in 2014, to lead and be one of the opening team for the only 360° revolving restaurant in Hong Kong, The Grand Buffet (Hong Kong) in Hopewell Centre
Hong Kong
Head Chef
Ronald Lau
Ronald Lau joined Lisboa Food & Wines Limited in 2022 as the Head Chef of the Production Kitchen, overseeing the Bakery and Pastry section.
He is delighted to create new recipes for bakery and pastry items, drawing on his expertise and exploring different cookbooks from around the world. He is also keen on practicing and experimenting to develop various flavor combinations, textures, shapes, and baking methods to make his food products more creative.
Hong Kong
Head Chef
Derek Sit
Derek Sit is currently the Head Chef at The Grand (Hong Kong). He joined Lisboa Food & Wines Limited (Hong Kong) in 2018 and used to serve as the Sous Chef in charge of Le Salon De Thé de Joël Robuchon Hong Kong.
With over 14 years of experience working in luxury hotels and upscale restaurants, Chef Derek has created over 100 menus and continuously explores new creations and developments in menu planning.
Hong Kong
Operation Manager
Terry Tang
Terry Tang joined Lisboa Food & Wines Limited in 2013, made a valuable contributions to the growth of the Joël Robuchon Hong Kong team and currently serves as the Operations Manager at The Grand HK, where he oversees the daily operations and strategic planning of The Grand Buffet(Hong Kong). With many years of experience in the restaurant and catering industry, Terry possesses strong team management and communication skills.
Hong Kong
Kevin Lo
Kevin Lo joined Lisboa Food & Wines Limited in 2013, used to work as the Manager of Le Salon de thé de Joël Robuchon and L'Atelier de Joël Robuchon. When the group decided to expand our own brand, The Grand HK, Kevin passionately embraced the challenge and served as the Manager of The Grand Hong Kong, leading the team in growing the business and expanding the shops.